Altunay Hamarat Quality Product and Economical Price...

We produce our products in our factory in Konya and market them to many countries of the world as well as our country. Hamarat oven, cast iron toaster, stovetop toaster, double-sided cast iron pan, deep cast iron pan, shallow cast iron pan, cast iron tray pan, cast iron egg pan...

Electric Oven Round
Cast Iron Fish Pan
Cast Double Sided Pan
Flat Cast Pan
Round Cast Iron Tray
Cast Iron Toaster
Hand Held Sandwich Toaster
Cast Iron Egg Pan

Our principles;

While we produce our products without compromising the quality of the first day, we add innovations to our products. Takes customer demands into consideration, We carry out our R&D studies in line with demands. We convey the shortcomings to ourselves and the success to our employees.




Production Line Videos

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